April 11, 2017 zack

Easiest Way To Completely Transfer or Duplicate Your WordPress Site To Another Domain

As a developer that creates a lot of sites for clients and for myself, there’s been a LOT of times that I’ve needed to duplicate/transfer my site to another site.

Some reasons could be:

  • A client really likes the look of one of your sites, and instead of building it all from scratch, duplicating it and then editing some things will save you a lot of time, and will save the client some money. Hey, you shouldn’t charge them as much if you’re going this route!
  • You’re developing a site on a different server or hosting account (or even the same) and you want to make your website live, while continuing to work on the development behind the scenes.
  • You’ve found a winning formula on a website that you’ve created and you want to create the same thing for a different market.

That’s great, but how?

How To Easily Migrate Your WordPress Site

It’s as simple as downloading a plugin. Check it out, All-in-One WP Migration

It’s FREE, I have no affiliation with this company, and I’m promoting it, that’s how great it is.

I’ll even walk you through the steps, so let’s get to it.

1) Download All-in-One WP Migration

Only use the link I sent you above to check it out. The easier way to install plugins is to simple go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Plugins”, then search for “All-in-One WP Migration”. WordPress makes it super simple to download and activate all from the search results.

2) Export Your Site

Once you’ve got it installed, you’ll see an option for “All-in-One WP Migration” in your dashboard on the left panel. Click that and it’ll take you to a screen like the one below:

As simple as this little box is, don’t worry about everything here. All we care about is the export option. If you’re a little more technical you can chose whatever you’d like here, but for the sake of this tutorial and simplicity. Hit the drop down and simply chose “File”.

This will begin a little bit of a wait while it gathers everything. Once that’s done, you’ll see a pop up with a button that says “Download WhateverYourSiteNameIs”. Click that, and now the download will begin. You’ll end up with a “.wpress” file that we will use in the next step.

3) Import Your WordPress Site

So you’ve got a blank WordPress site (or a site that you’re willing to override) and you’re ready to import.

Pro Tip: If you don't have a site ready to go and you're looking for help, check out The Easiest Way To Build A New Website and Start Blogging and come on back.

Now, from this WordPress site, go and download the same plugin using the steps I’ve outline earlier. Then you’ll just select “Import” this time.
Select “File” again like we did before, and just go ahead and navigate to the file we downloaded. Star the import.

That’s it!

Wait for it to import and proceed. You now have the same site on your new domain!

Pro Tip: Go through things like "General Settings" and change everything over to your new name. They've actually already did a good job of changing anywhere you have the old domain name to your new domain name, so there's not much to worry about!

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